Nursing & Clinical Roles

Grow your career on your own terms. Aurora will provide the support, tools and resources to develop professionally, in whatever setting is best for you. Your voice as a caregiver will be heard clearly whether you're at one of our large hospitals or at a smaller facility. Through positivity and friendly collaboration, we'll help you move forward and be inspired.

Quality of Care

Feel in-control and empowered, using your skills to provide patients with the very best care. We count on your expertise in caring for patients and their families - and in return, we'll ensure that you can count on us. We're here to guide you to long-term success. Because you're essential to them, and to us.


You are at the center of patient care at Aurora, with an interprofessional team of doctors, technicians, therapists, medical assistants and more at your side to drive the best patient outcomes. And when you need them most, you can rely on your team to support and empower you to be at your compassionate best.

Shared Governance

At Aurora, we maintain the belief that clinical decisions should be made by bedside nurses like you, which is why we established a governance process nearly 15 years ago, called Aurora Nursing Shared Governance (ANSG). Shared governance allows your voice and the voices of other caregivers like you to be heard in matters concerning clinical practice, policies and procedures. More than 7,500 nurses come together to receive and share information, tools, training and support, to not only help you grow in your profession, but to continually improve the quality of patient care.

Career Growth

Whether you want to receive training and support or grow into a leadership role, Aurora will ensure that you're armed with the resources you need to be at your best. Our nurse managers lead by example, while also encouraging teamwork, open dialogue and active listening. You'll have the tools you need to deliver quality patient care, with tailored self-scheduling options, including full-time, part-time and float, to give you the work life integration you need to be at your best on and off the floor.

From community involvement to research, shared governance, and more, you're set up to succeed with programs like the Aurora Nursing Professional Advancement Model and the Success Pays™ Program, an ANCC professional development program that allows registered nurses to obtain certification by exam or certification renewal. The program offers the opportunity and funding for RNs to achieve certification in 12 months.


Nursing Students

Gain knowledge and experience while earning your degree. Aurora will help with tuition and ATI testing as you work as a CNA or extern at any of our facilities, statewide.

Certified Nursing Assistant

Work directly with patients and their families, helping those in need under the wing of an RN or LPN. As an Aurora CNA, you'll begin to see your career as a health care provider evolve and take shape, paving your path forward. Learn more about our Certified Nursing Assistant roles and opportunities.

Nurse Extern

Administer medications, IVs and admission assessments to supplement your education in an accredited nursing program. Scheduling is flexible, so you'll forge your own path forward while providing total patient care.

New Graduates

We view you as a professional, meaning you'll almost always begin your career in a hospital. You'll have your own practice and be involved in decision-making as we coach and mentor you. Throughout, you'll have individualized plans to become the nurse you want to be.

Nurse Residency Program

The one-year Aurora Health Care Nurse Residency Program is here to help you grow professionally with guidance from supportive cohorts, training opportunities and monthly interactive learning sessions focused on patient outcomes, leadership and other professional roles.

Experienced Nurses

Aurora will empower you to be your best, building on your interests and expertise. You'll have a voice with us, so tell us what matters to you to begin your path to success.


Aurora's career development model and shared governance opportunities allow you to grow into the leader you want to be. If you're self-motivated, driven and emotionally intelligent, with a BSN or higher, you'll be on your way toward a future of career advancement and success.

Up to $6,000 Sign-On Bonus

As our demand for nurses grows, we're seeking top talent with at least one year of experience to join our team. Based on FTE and years of experience, RNs who join select locations before July 2018 will receive a sign-on bonus. 

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Aurora at Home

Aurora care is 24/7, so you'll have more opportunities to determine plans and educate patients and families. Supervise medications and injections, manage chronic disease, monitor vital signs, counsel on nutrition, and provide care to patients in palliative and hospice settings well beyond the hours of 8-4:30.

Behavioral Health

Thanks to caregivers like you, Aurora Psychiatric Hospital has been among the best in the nation since its inception in 1884. You'll be a part of a strong team, treating patients with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and substance abuse in inpatient, outpatient, partial hospitalization and day treatment settings.


Build therapeutic relationships through a continuum of care in outpatient and clinic-based locations. You'll promote healthy behaviors and wellness, while treating complex medical conditions, as you learn several areas of care and diagnosis in one convenient location.


Choose your specialty at one of our 15 Wisconsin hospitals. You'll work with internationally recognized providers at world-class facilities, where you'll be a part of a collaborative and solution-driven team.

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Stay current with Aurora news and events, connect with recruiters to find the perfect position, and be alerted to in-demand jobs.

Additional Clinical Opportunities

Work directly with patients - monitoring, transporting, and assisting - to ensure their daily needs are met. With energy and dedication, you'll be a vital link between our nurses and staff to provide exceptional compassion and care to those in need. With more than 150 clinic locations, there's never a shortage of growth opportunities, putting your degree to work while training or pursuing your BSN.

Medical Assistant / Licensed Practical Nurse

Help patients feel at ease and play a crucial role at any facility by communicating the information and providing the services and assistance they require. Have a meaningful impact on patient care in a variety of specialty areas. Learn more about our Medical Assistant roles and opportunities.

Patient Care Support

Aurora's variety of specialized Patient Care Assistant positions within outpatient and inpatient settings enable you to assist with procedures, tests and surgeries. As a CNA, technician or assistant, you'll shine with respiratory therapy, stress tests, cardiac tests, and sterile processing.

Non-Traditional Nursing Roles

Work behind the scenes while making a difference in the lives of others. Whether you're a quality improvement coordinator, RN case manager, clinic supervisor or data analyst at Aurora, you'll play an instrumental role in our success as an organization, and be valued for your unique talents and contributions.

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