Surgical Services

You are patient-focused with a great attention to detail. You maintain a sense of calm in a fast-paced environment that changes frequently. You rely on your team: you help each other, balance each other and teach each other every day. That's why you chose a career in the OR. At Aurora, you'll work shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the top surgeons in the world, using cutting edge technology and approaches.Your career advancement opportunities are limitless, no matter your role. We want to see you learn and grow professionally and will support you on your journey.


Sterile Processing

This role is the perfect entry into the amazing world of the operating room and leaves immense opportunity to grow your career. By maintaining proper care of all surgical instruments and equipment, scopes and powered surgical instruments with your attention to detail, you ensure the team has what they need when they need it. Through inspection, evaluation of proper function, cleaning disinfecting and sterilization, you set them up for success, which leads to amazing patient care.

Surgical Technologist

This is the role you’ve trained for. You help prepare for surgery, ensuring a clean, safe and efficient area for optimal patient care. Your attention to detail and flexibility allow you to do what needs to be done, from sending damaged items for repair to assisting with wound closure and maintaining a sterile OR. 

Surgical Assistant

You are the right hand of the surgeon. You anticipate their needs and respond to meet them, whether an in-the-moment change in response to the patient or knowing the steps they like to take. You may apply tourniquets, casts or dressings; assist in moving patients to and from the operating table; hold retractors, observe and report possible breaks in aseptic technique; and assisting in maintaining a sterile, dry, unobstructed field.

Registered Nurse

The pride that comes with being an RN in the operating room cannot be described. You’re an essential piece of the team, one who is responsible for the ongoing monitoring of the patient, before during and after the surgery. You communicate with the surgeons, the assistants and the techs, each of you playing your part. And though you may only have a short amount of time with each patient, you serve as their advocate, speaking for them when they cannot.


In-Patient / Hospital

Open heart surgery. Advanced neurosurgery. Precision oncology surgery. Minimally invasive robotics surgery. Aurora has some of the best surgeons in their fields, using the latest technology. For difficult procedures that require close monitoring of patients before and after surgery, our network of hospitals provides around the clock care. This means a variety of shift and schedule options for our caregivers, as well as tremendous learning opportunities, making this a perfect setting for a Surgical Tech or Assistant to launch their career. 

Out-Patient / Surgery Center

As procedures and technologies advance, patients are able to head home within hours of their surgery, with less pain and shorter overall recovery time. For those patients, and caregivers who want a more predictable 8-to-5 schedule, out-patient centers are ideal.  

Up to $5,000 Sign-On Bonus

Caregivers hired into surgical assistant or surgical tech positions in select locations are eligible for a sign-on bonus of $1,500 - $5,000, based on prior experience and FTE. Discuss details with your recruiter!