Career Areas

As the largest employer in Wisconsin, Aurora has the perfect role for you to thrive. Your passion coupled with our resources and support ensures you'll succeed and grow with ongoing opportunities.

Provide superior service as a phlebotomist, technologist, pathologist or lab assistant. 

Give patients a positive first impression and memorable experience.

Grow in your profession and support physicians as a true partner.

Help patients be at their best — in mind, body and spirit.

Work directly with patients, or behind the scenes, to ensure daily needs are met.

Ensure we provide outstanding strategy and resources to equip caregivers.

Facilitate quicker treatment with state-of-the-art equipment.

Keep Aurora cutting-edge with innovative solutions and excellent support.

Gain real-world experience in a supportive setting with vast opportunities for career growth.

Be heard, empowered and supported in your ideal setting.

Fulfill treatment needs to keep patients on track to be their healthiest.

Your specialty and passion for helping others will take you further.

Provide a path to wellness with training and therapy.

Help diagnose, treat faster, and make breakthrough discoveries.

Create a positive experience with a clean environment and a friendly face.

Truly Collaborative Care

Connect with other professionals to create the best outcome for every patient at Aurora. As a highly-skilled expert, your voice will be heard. Patient care is everyone's passion, and each department is interconnected for that common purpose. 

Top 5 Reasons to Join Our Team

#1 You'll make a real difference in the lives of patients

“Our patients know they can count on us no matter what.”
Edie, Medical Assistant

#2 Your potential is as unlimited as our opportunities

"There's nothing but opportunities and open doors for me here."
Sarah, RN

#3 You'll excel in a collaborative team environment

“I love my co-workers, and that includes everyone.”
Kelly, House Supervisor

#4 Your input matters and your voice will be heard

"Bedside caregivers have a voice. A loud one."
Drea, RN

#5 Your life will be in balance with flexible scheduling

“PTO is important so I can take a break from work and come back recharged and ready to take on the next project.”
Alex, Digital Experience Analyst

"The biggest challenge in my job is scope, because the possibility of what we could do on our website is endless."

Alex, Digital Experience Analyst

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