Applicant Resources

We want you to find the perfect role to begin your career at Aurora, and make the application process as easy as possible. If you're ready to apply - but are wondering what the process is like - we've got you covered.


Use the search tool to find a job opening that matches your interests, talents and passions.


Create an online application profile. This information will be saved for any future applications you submit.


Submit online application materials. This may include your resume, cover letter, etc.


Check back to view your application status for each position to which you applied.
Use the search tool to find a job opening that matches your interests, talents and passions.
Create an online application profile. This information will be saved for any future applications you submit.
Submit online application materials. This may include your resume, cover letter, etc.
Check back to view your application status for each position to which you applied.

Application Process

How long does it take to complete the application?

The average time to set up your profile and complete the initial process is only about 15 minutes, but grab a cup of coffee and take your time. Once your profile is created, it takes only a few minutes to apply for additional jobs. 

How do I check the status of my application?

Simply click on this link to the Careers home page, log back into your profile, and navigate to My Job Applications. There you can see your status for each job you’ve applied for.

How do I manage or update my account information?

To update your account information, first log into your Careers account (use the box in the upper right corner of your screen), select My Account Information. There you can update your contact information (be sure to save your changes!). Note: You can only add a new resume, cover letter or change your application responses when you are applying for another position.

I'm having trouble completing my application, or a section within my application.

If you are having technical/navigational issues or have questions, you can call the Recruitment Service Center at 414-389-2600 or send an email through the Contact Us form.

Is it possible to make an update and/or change something on my resume or application after it's been submitted?

Once an application is submitted, your info is on its way to our recruiters and no longer possible to update or change.

How will I know if you've received my application?

After your application is submitted, an auto-generated confirmation email will be sent to the email address you entered. Be sure to check spam folders if you don’t receive it right away.

Will I be contacted by Aurora to let me know the status of my application?

For many of our open positions, we get a large number of applicants. Unfortunately, this means it’s hard to give every candidate the individualized attention that we’d like to give.  You are able to check the status of your application at any time - see the question above, "How do I check the status of my application?" If we think you are a good fit for one of the positions you apply to, you will hear from one of our recruiters on next steps.

How can I be alerted to new jobs I might be interested in?

You can set up a saved search within our applicant tracking system (PeopleSoft). Start by registering or signing in to your account via the links in the upper right hand corner of this page. Click on View All Jobs and enter your search criteria. Select the Save Search button, then follow the prompts to complete the process. You'll be notified when new positions are posted that match your search criteria. 

Employment Process

What can I expect during a drug screen?

Patient and caregiver safety is of utmost importance at Aurora, so every caregiver is given a drug test via hair sample. A hair specimen approximately the size and width of a popsicle stick is required to satisfy the testing sample requirements and is removed in as discrete a spot as possible. NOTE: Braids, extensions and/or artificial hair may need to be temporarily removed to obtain an appropriate hair sample.

Will I need to take a physical?

A mandatory pre-placement health screening will include health history, vision testing, tuberculosis check, and vaccination record. This health screening takes place at one of many Aurora facilities after a contingent offer of employment is made. 

What do I need for the required criminal background check?

As a health care organization, we’re required by state law to complete a criminal background check on all of our newly hired caregivers. If you are offered a position with us, you will be asked to complete the Background Information Disclosure (BID) form which allows us to run the check. You should be prepared to provide information on any pending criminal charges, as well as any felony or misdemeanor convictions, and any guilty pleas or findings for municipal ordinance or tribal court violations. While very few offenses will prevent your hire, failure to disclose any of them may result in a withdrawal of the offer of employment, so please be upfront and honest on your BID form.

Does Aurora Health Care have a mandatory Flu Vaccine?

Yes. As an integral part of our wellness program, Aurora requires all caregivers to receive the annual flu vaccination. This helps to ensure that we are doing all we can to help each other live well, and to protect everyone’s health and safety. This policy applies to all Aurora personnel, including caregivers, employed physicians, volunteers, all contracted personnel, plus students and trainees in any setting. There is an exception process for those caregivers with a nationally accepted, documented, medical contraindication or religious belief.


Is there an orientation for new team members?

Yes. Every new team member will start on a Monday (or Tuesday if Monday falls on a recognized holiday) and their first day will be at New Team Member Orientation. Orientation classes are held in centralized locations for each market. Location, time and other details will be shared with new team members as far in advance as possible. 

What happens on Day 2? 

Depending on your role, your location may also host an orientation day (or more) specific to the location. Additional info for some locations is here. Additional questions can be directed to the recruitment office or hiring manager.

General Questions

What should I do if I'm interested in working for Aurora, but haven't found the right opportunity? 

If you haven’t found the right opening or aren’t ready to submit an application just yet, join our Talent Network so we can keep you in mind for future opportunities that fit your experience and interests. We’ll also keep you updated quarterly of our latest news, caregiver spotlights, newly opened jobs and more!

I’m interested in learning more about summer job or internship opportunities.

We offer some summer jobs, but they are not posted year-round. These positions are usually posted on the site in March or April. For internships, do a job search for "intern" or "extern" to see what's available.

Does Aurora provide training programs for clinical roles?

Yes! A list of opportunities can be found on our Training Programs page.


My search isn't providing me with the position I'm looking for... or any positions at all.

If your job search has produced results that aren't quite what you were looking for, try using a different keyword, less specific or fewer search criteria. NOTE: If you searched for a specific Job Opening ID and the position does not show up, that may mean it has been filled.

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