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Q & A

Ray started his career more than four decades ago, and has been with Aurora as a Physical Therapist for 30 years. Don’t let his tenure fool you, though – he loves working with younger athletes, learning new techniques and keeping up on the latest technologies.

What was the most recent technique you’ve learned?

The Graston Technique®, dry needling through KinetaCore and certification by the Titleist Performance Institute. I like to keep up on my certifications, not just for my own personal learning and technique, but also to lead by example for some of the newer therapists. There are so many advancements in therapy all the time, so it’s important to stay up-to-date.

Why do you enjoy sports medicine?

Providing 20 years of sports medicine coverage at multiple area high schools has provided me the opportunity to refine my skills. Evaluating athletes prior to other medical providers has increased my exposure to acute (on field) injuries and sub-acute conditions that has transferred into better clinical decision making. For varsity football competition, an orthopedic surgeon or Sports Medicine Fellowship trained family practice doctor were often available. Observing their evaluation techniques and then discussing my findings was instrumental in improving my own orthopedic skills as a physical therapist.
What do you like about working for an integrated health system?

The electronic charts are great. It gives me access to the patient’s entire medical history, including x-rays, physician notes, medications and more. Having all that information helps me to design the best therapy plan and is an easy way to communicate with the doctors and other caregivers working with that patient. Also, Aurora Health Care's model of physical therapy scheduling has allowed me to provide appropriate levels of care for my patients.

What is your favorite part of your job?

In the 30+ years I have been with Aurora in the south market, I have been fortunate to work directly with many skilled providers in multiple specialty areas, establishing a great working relationship. When a doctor, physicians assistant or nurse practitioner know the therapist, communication is enhanced, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.


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