Michelle's Story


different roles, starting in high school


years at Aurora



Q & A

Since starting as a pharmacy tech while still in high school, Michelle has taken every opportunity she could to cross-train, helping her to progress her career to her current position as a cardio clinic supervisor.

How has Aurora helped your family to live well?

When my kids were young I was able to work what’s called a casual schedule, which was very flexible. I was able to avoid sending my kids to daycare, which was important for me. Also, my mom worked at Aurora for 35 years and recently retired, so working at Aurora has been a family affair.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part is the people I work with – both coworkers and patients. Everyone is very friendly here – they all say hello to each other.

What’s a benefit you’ve taken advantage of?

I haven’t had any formal education until now, though I’ve learned a lot on the job. I’m currently going to school for business management and using tuition reimbursement to help cover the costs.

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