Amy's Story


years as a Physical Therapist


 grade when she decided to go into the medical field


days per week in the pool with patients

Q & A

Amy finds it rewarding and awesome to be able to make an impact on someone’s life each day. And while some of her work is to help patients achieve success on the soccer field, her passion is in osteopathy – helping her patients be able to go from sitting to standing. It may seem like a minor achievement, but it can greatly impact those patients' quality of life.

What got you interested in bone health?

Since I was young, I felt wired to learn about the human body – it’s always been interesting to me. Several years ago I took a course on osteopathy and everything made sense. Now I like to work with people who can’t stand up straight. Helping them progress in their physical abilities, often to help them stay at home and away from nursing homes, is so rewarding.

How does water therapy help your patients differently than regular care?

I’m in the pool at the Burlington Wellness Center twice a week, working with patients. For some, when physical therapy is done in the water, they have greater movement with less pain because of the buoyancy of the water. Its great that we're able to offer this option for our patients!

How do you share what you learn with others?

I’ve never been one to speak in front of groups, but after learning about bone health and feeling so passionate about it, I’m inspired to present to my peers. I feel like I should stand up and tell others what I know. 

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