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Aurora Health Care is committed to meeting the needs of our diverse workforce by offering an integrated, competitive and comprehensive benefits package.

Adoption benefits
Aurora offers financial assistance to active caregivers assigned 40 or more hours per pay period for the adoption or placement of a child.

Dental plan
Aurora provides two plan options under the Aurora Dental Plan for caregivers assigned 40 or more hours per pay period. Dental coverage is available to you, your spouse and children.

Disability coverage
Injury or illness may someday affect your ability to work and could generate the need for income protection, so Aurora provides free short-term and long-term disability (full-time caregivers only) for your financial security.

Educational assistance/tuition reimbursement
Aurora supports the professional growth of our caregivers by assisting them in paying for their school tuition. Courses or degrees need to relate to a job within Aurora.

Health savings account
If you enroll in The Aurora Network Plan Option 2, you can enroll in the health savings account (HSA) to save pre-tax money to pay certain medical, dental and vision expenses for you and your eligible dependents. Money in your HSA does not forfeit at the end of the year – it rolls over for use in future years.

Incentive savings plan: 403(b) plan
Savings can be set aside pre-tax or in an after-tax Roth account for your retirement. Aurora will match $0.75 on every $1 you contribute, up to 6% of your pay. If you contribute 6% of your pay to the ISP, Aurora's match would be equal to 4.5% of your pay. Aurora will make a non-matching contribution of 3% of your annual salary if certain rules are satisfied. To be 100% vested in Aurora matching and non-matching contributions, you must work three years in which you have been paid for 1,000 hours of work or more.

Life coverage
Aurora provides free basic life insurance to caregivers assigned 40 or more hours per pay period. If additional coverage is needed for you or your spouse or children, you may purchase supplemental life insurance.

Medical and dependent care flexible spending accounts
Flexible spending accounts allow you to save pre-tax money to pay for certain medical, dental and dependent daycare expenses for you and your eligible dependents.

Medical plan
Aurora provides quality medical coverage for its caregivers assigned 40 or more hours per pay period and their eligible dependents. The Aurora Network offers two options to their caregivers.

  • Option 1: a lower deductible with shared costs after the deductible is met.
  • Option 2: a higher deductible with higher out-of-pocket expenses, but a lower monthly premium. Participants are eligible to enroll in Aurora's health savings account. Option 2 enrollees with limited income may be eligible for the Aurora Contribution to AuroraFlex Health Care Expense Account to help pay for deductibles, etc.

Paid time off (vacation, sick time, holidays)
A Paid Time Off (PTO) plan gives you more control over when and how you use your accrued time. Instead of accruing separate banks for vacation and sick hours, and standard holidays, accruals are combined together to form one PTO bank.

Vision Plan
Aurora provides a comprehensive vision plan that includes coverage for routine eye exams, eyeglasses and contact lens. Vision coverage is available to you, your spouse and children.

Other benefits:

  • Activities/events
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Funeral Leave
  • Leave of absence
  • Library Services
  • Free parking
  • Recognition programs and Service awards
  • Training
  • Business travel/accident coverage

Additional perks