A superb work culture

We believe in the concept of "responsible freedom." That means caregivers can take independent actions that benefit the patient and the organization. It is measured risk-taking that allows Aurora to always find a better way.

In the search for better ways to do things we are responsible for considering:

  • the impact on people we serve
  • the work team and workload impact
  • the financial implications
  • the effect on quality and operations

But with that responsibility comes freedom:

  • Exercise reasonable judgment
  • Be creative and innovative
  • Not have to ask permission
  • Remove barriers

What does it mean for you?

  • Your ideas and actions are valued
  • You are recognized and rewarded
  • You can act on behalf of the customer
  • You can function as an adult

Our culture is more than just freedom from always having to ask permission. It is an obligation accepted by every caregiver to find a better way.