Our promise to our employees

A promise made to all Aurora employees

We promise to listen to and implement better ideas, recognize and reward contributions, offer competitive pay and benefits, and continue building a wide range of career opportunities. We pledge to explain business issues and strategies, to anticipate and respond to change, and to provide needed technology and information.

We will use resources wisely, operate cost-effectively, and maintain a sound financial base so we will be able to make investments in the future – improving health care for all of us.

Aurora Health Care was created around a single idea:

There is a better way to provide health care. Together, we will find new ways to deliver health care, from the simplest of preventive services to the most advanced, life-saving treatments.

Every day each of us needs to use our knowledge, experience and creativity to find better ways of doing things. We improve current ways of providing care, combining science with common sense, and embrace best practices – setting new standards for quality care.

Aurora's strength stems from the teamwork and collaboration among a talented and diverse group of professionals. That's why it's critical that Aurora continue to attract, keep and motivate talented people. Aurora provides the tools and resources we need to find better ways, and recognize successes.

Working together, the people of Aurora can:

  • Challenge conventional wisdom
  • Solve problems through teamwork
  • Develop innovative ideas
  • Implement best practices

Each of us is part of a leading edge organization, doing important work for people and their families. We're passionate about caring, we're striving to provide better service, and every day...

...we're finding better ways.