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Patient-centered care

Our patients are the reason we are here. Each deserves the best care possible in a comfortable, healing environment.

What is patient-centered care at Aurora?

Patient-centered care is a healing partnership between caregivers, patients and their loved ones. Caring for the whole person, we create a healing environment where we can personalize, humanize and demystify the patient experience. In this way we can address the health and healing of a patient's mind, body and spirit, with the family and caregivers working in that environment.

Recognizing that we are all essential to patient care, each and every employee, volunteer and medical staff member is valued as a caregiver, whether directly or indirectly providing care. Patient-centered care is our approach and our passion.

What does patient-centered care mean to an Aurora caregiver?

As caregivers, we are accountable for, and truly own, the patient experience. Caring for patients in such a way that their spiritual, emotional and physical needs are met means that not only will we have a direct impact on the patient and their loved ones, we'll feel intrinsic satisfaction knowing that we've made a difference. There are many opportunities for us to become involved in creating this type of environment. Our compassion, ideas and skills can transform places of work into places of healing.

Patient-centered care video clips

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Ray's story
Father's last wish... to dance with his daughter

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Owen's story
Treasure box of trinkets eases child's blood-draw visits

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Sandy's story
Angel pin brings peace to patient... and family

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Marijo's story
Colorful murals encourage exercise and brighten hallways

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Karen's story
"Kindness is free"... like a simple mitten box