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We are committed to achieving a diverse workforce by building an inclusive, supportive, discrimination-free environment that engages all of us in meeting Aurora's vision.


At Aurora, diversity is the full array of individual differences among people. This includes, but is not limited to: age, culture, disability, educational level, employee status, ethnicity, family status, gender, military and veteran's status, national and regional origin, organizational level and function, perspectives, physical attributes, race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, spiritual beliefs and thinking style.

Goals and success measures

  • Goal 1: Accountable for Diversity Results
    Ensure organizational accountability for achieving our diversity commitment.
  • Goal 2: Become More Diverse
    Ensure a diverse and highly competent workforce at all levels.
  • Goal 3: Leverage Diversity to Accomplish our Mission and Vision
    Ensure wellness and healing environments that meet the diverse needs of the people and communities we serve.

Because we recognize the personal nature of health care services, we are committed to creating environments that meet the diverse physical, emotional, spiritual, social and economic needs of our patients and clients, as well as the people who serve them.

A diverse and inclusive organization is essential to Aurora's vision because:

  • An environment that enables us to attract, recruit, engage and retain the best people from a diverse labor pool is essential to the success of our organization.
  • Enhanced understanding of our diversity and the diversity of the people and communities we serve leads to better access, service and results.
  • Diversity in our workforce stimulates innovation and flexibility, which will differentiate us in the marketplace and public perception.

Diversity and inclusion education series

Aurora's strength stems from the teamwork and collaboration among a talented and diverse group of professionals. That's why it's critical for our caregivers to work effectively in a diverse and inclusive environment and to provide care to our diverse customers and communities. These educational offerings and training opportunities are ways of implementing Aurora's commitment to providing our caregivers with tools and resources they need to find better ways. The education and training is provided in the following ways:

Diversity education modules
These modules are designed to be presented by leaders at department meetings or as part of the in-service training for their staff. By delivering the modules in department settings, an opportunity is created for small group discussions and the ability to focus on how the information provided can assist team members in day-to-day interactions and how it can be used to improve the service we provide to our customers.

Department-developed diversity education modules for all caregivers
Leaders have the option of developing additional Diversity Education modules that are of interest to their department.

Documentation of module completion
Every Aurora caregiver is expected to participate in a minimum of two diversity modules each year.