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Care Management

Care Management

Aurora's mission is to promote health, prevent illness, and provide state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment whenever and wherever we can best meet people's needs. Care Management is our approach to addressing that mission by always seeking better, more efficient ways to achieve optimal results for our patients and providing proper education to our patients and their families. Outcomes and, as a result, lives have improved dramatically.

  • Our Preventive Care Management initiatives keep individuals healthy through screening and preventive testing, helping them to avoid hospitalization.
  • Our Acute Care Management initiatives assure that individuals with chronic or acute illnesses are provided with treatment plans that have a proven track record of success.
  • Our Aurora at Home Care Management initiatives allow us to provide care where patients feel most comfortable, and that’s usually at home.

Health care is not only about the patient, but also about the family and other loved ones. Tools developed by the initiative teams to assist our caregivers are also aimed at helping and educating families because we know that involving the family can greatly improve the health and recovery of the patient.

Care Management also benefits our caregivers by keeping them healthy and making them aware of the initiatives available. That includes offering preventive care and wellness programs to each and every caregiver.