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Care Management

Aurora's mission is to promote health, prevent illness and provide state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment whenever and wherever we can best meet people's individual and family needs. Care Management is Aurora's approach to addressing our mission. Care Management is synonymous with best practice.

What does Care Management mean?

As a health care provider, we know that, while we can offer excellent treatment options and resources to our patients, there are better, more efficient ways to achieve optimal results. That is the premise behind Aurora's Care Management initiatives.

Starting with an exceptional Asthma program, we now have a number of initiatives where we have excelled in developing appropriate treatment plans and providing proper education to our patients and their families. Outcomes and, as a result, lives have improved dramatically. These best practices are carried out by caregivers system-wide. The results are measurable and we regularly look to see how we compare to national standards.

So just how does Care Management benefit our communities and patients?

First, it provides a clear, streamlined, coordinated approach to care. Aurora sees many more people in non-hospital settings and our goal is to keep people out of the hospital.

The Preventive Care Management initiatives keep healthy individuals healthy through screening and preventive testing. If someone does need to be in the hospital, we need to provide best practice, evidence-based care 100 percent of the time. Our Acute Care Care Management initiatives assure that individuals with chronic or acute illnesses are provided with appropriate treatment plans that have a proven track record of success. We want to care for people where they feel most comfortable. Why admit someone to a hospital if they can be cared for at home? Our Aurora Visiting Nurse Association Care Management initiatives address this.

Health care is not only about the patient, it is about the family and other loved ones. Tools developed by the initiative teams to assist the providers, such as education, are aimed at families as well as the patient. We know that involving the family can greatly improve the health of the patient.

How does Care Management benefit our caregivers?

We start by keeping our caregivers healthy and making them aware of the initiatives available. That includes offering preventive care and wellness programs to each and every caregiver.

But beyond that, in caring for the patients at Aurora Health Care, you will know that you are providing the very best care possible to every patient you touch - and that's a very good feeling.