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Hear from our doctors

Aurora Health Care, Wisconsin's most comprehensive not-for-profit system, is looking for exceptional physicians who want to continually find new and better ways to take care of their patients. Our new partners will enjoy excellent practice support and a collegial environment that allows for a good work/live balance.

Physicians within Aurora have a strong voice

"Physicians within Aurora have a strong voice and leadership role. We have been given excellent support and tools with which to practice our profession, including a modern, well designed facility, up-to-date diagnostic tools, sophisticated and user friendly computerized patient records, electronic prescribing, and care management tracking systems."

Bob Devermann, MD
Aurora Health Care Medical Group in Oshkosh

A great place to raise our family

"It has been my pleasure to work with an excellent group of physicians who not only take great care of their patients, but also have a great sense of camaraderie and respect with their colleagues. Combine this with the fact that Wisconsin is one of the few states not in a medical crisis and you have an unbeatable combination. My husband (Aurora internist) and I have found this area is a great place to raise our family."

Julie Hester-Diaz, MD
Aurora Health Care Medical Group in Manitowoc

Autonomy and providing my patients the very best care

Dr. Afredo Diaz"Aurora Health Care is the perfect place to be. I can't imagine practicing anywhere else. It boils down to autonomy and being able to provide my patients the care that I feel is the very best, without feeling like anyone is looking over my shoulder. Physician independence is becoming increasingly rare in health care, and I appreciate it!"

"Aurora is all about work-life balance. My family and I love living here. My wife is also a physician for Aurora and we have plenty of time to enjoy all sorts of activities, like biking along the lake or driving to Green Bay, Milwaukee or Chicago for the day. Our children feel safe here and are getting great educations. As a parent, that means a lot. Aurora is very much a listening organization. The president of Aurora Health Care Medical Group attends our meetings, answers our questions and encourages our input. For a big organization, this is rare, and it means a lot. I think that's one of the reasons our retention rate is so high. The appeal of Aurora goes much further though. I have great colleagues and excellent support staff. We have fun."

"We support one another. We are also devoted to Care Management and are all striving every day to find better ways to provide health care. "We are given the tools we need to provide the best possible care to our patients. As part of Wisconsin's most comprehensive and integrated health care provider, we are supported with the latest advancements in diagnostics and treatment options and we have access to the finest specialists and most advanced hospitals in the state. Medical practice just doesn't get any better than that!"

Alfredo Diaz, MD
Aurora Two River Clinic,

Therese MorrisseyHear what our doctor's families say about Aurora

"We chose Aurora because it was better than any other opportunity – we like the people better, the hospital is great, the call schedule is very good. Bill does have a work life balance, very much so. It was a big reason that I wanted to come to Green Bay. He gets time off during the week in addition to the weekend. In my opinion he is working much more family-oriented hours than other opportunities we looked at. That's very nice for our family."

"We've been in Green Bay now for six years and I'm really comfortable here. I feel at home – it's really a family-orientated place to be. The size of the town is just right. I grew up in a very small town, but we have also lived in very large cities. For us, this is the perfect in-between – small enough that I don't worry about crime, and I don't think twice about getting stuck in traffic. That is never an issue here."

"There are plenty of things to do and we are very happy with the schools and the community. Since we live only 10 minutes from the hospital, it's very convenient for Bill, especially with his clinic and the hospital all in one building."

Therese Morrissey
Wife of Aurora Health Care Medical Group physician