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Physical Therapy State-of-the-Art Technology

The knowledge and skills of Aurora Health Care physical therapists, combined with the latest technology and treatments, produces winning patient results. The role of technology in physical therapy and rehab runs the gamut from electronic medical records to Wii game systems. We provide patient-centered care and use technology in ways that support that philosophy. We recognize that patients are unique individuals, and that our equipment can help them achieve the best possible outcomes.

Physical therapy technology and tools you may see at our rehab centers:

  • Aquatic Therapy/Hydro Track/SwimEx
    Walk-in tanks, underwater treadmills and swim systems to enhance therapy and provide best patient outcome
    Hydro Track (underwater treadmill system)
    Swimex (swim system with adjustable current)
  • Biodex Unweighing System/Lite Gate
    Suspension system that reduces body weight and eases ability to walk
  • Biodex Balance System/Balance Master
    Balance testing and training tool
  • Micromedical Video Goggles/Frenzel Video Goggles
    Goggles that record eye movement for further analysis
  • Woodway Desmo Treadmill
    Treadmill with the industry's smoothest and most quiet running surface
  • SIMI/Dartfish Motion Analysis System
    Mobile high-speed camera system captures movement for motion analysis
  • BTE Technologies
    Innovative physical and occupational therapy/sports training and performance conditioning equipment
  • Saunders 3D Active Trac/Inverted Traction
    Smooth performing, advanced traction system eliminates awkward rope and pulley system for traction treatments
  • Hybresis
    Convenient, needle-free drug delivery system
  • Dynavision
    Reaction device to treat visual problems and is one of best predictors of driving skills, also used for upper extremity coordination and active range of motion exercises
  • Bioness Hand and Foot Drop System
    Advanced neuroprosthesis designed to enable a more normal gait and return to more normal lifestyle
  • Vibration Platform
    Mechanical stimulus characterized by recurring motion back and forth over same pattern
  • VitalStim Therapy
    Non-invasive external electrical stimulation device used in treatment of patients suffering with difficulty swallowing or dysphagia
  • We also use a wide range of electrical modalities and ultrasound systems, including e-stim, iontophoresis, biofeedback and more