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Physical Therapy Schedule and Shift Options

Choose the right schedule for you

Aurora Health Care offers scheduling options so you can have the best work-life balance possible. We offer flexible start times with early, day and late-evening shifts. Options vary from site to site, and schedules are designed to accommodate patient needs, including weekend rotations. Many settings also offer the option of working on different units to increase exposure to diverse diagnoses.

Aurora's physical therapy schedule and shift options include:

  • Full-time (80-hour) schedules offer varied start times; some sites offer the option of four 10-hour days or five eight-hour days
  • Alternate 72-hour schedule offers varied start times, and includes full-time benefits
  • Part-time (40-to-71 hour) schedules also offer varied start times and a complete benefit package
  • Weekend program (24-hour-per-week) schedules include shifts on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and include a generous premium in addition to salary
  • Pool program (16- or 32-hour-per-month) schedules, depending on your needs, include a generous premium in addition to salary
  • Home health therapists work through the Aurora Visiting Nurse Association (therapists control their own schedule/schedule appointments with patients)