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sports medicine rehabilitation

Sports Medicine Rehab

Why choose a Sports Medicine Rehabilitation Career with Aurora?

Safely rehabilitating the whole athlete is the definition of our sports recovery program. We work toward a full return to activity and competition, and the prevention of future injuries. We use treatment, technology and service that extend beyond the injury to look at biomechanics, physiology and function.

As a physical therapist with Aurora's sports medicine program, you'll work with licensed athletic trainers, occupational therapists, strength and conditioning specialists, exercise physiologists, sports dietitians and fitness specialists. You'll also be working with medical leaders, physicians and specialists in areas, such as internal/family medicine, orthopedics, neurology and cardiology.

The level of excellence, range of locations and resources you'll find here is unmatched in the field of sports medicine.

Sports Medicine Rehab Physical Therapy Programs and Services

Aurora Health Care's sports medicine performance program and signature services promote individual health and injury prevention, and encourage optimal athletic performance. Some of these programs vary in location throughout the state, but they all share this same goal.

In addition to general physical therapy and rehabilitation of orthopedic and sports-related injuries, some of our programs and services include:

  • Athletic Republic sports training (Aurora BayCare, Green Bay)
  • Free injury evaluation
  • Sport-specific performance programs
    • Golf
    • Hockey (Aurora BayCare, Green Bay)
    • Running
    • Throwing
  • Pre-season sports physicals
  • Jump Start performance enhancement camps
  • School and community outreach programs
    • Badgerland Striders' Partnership
  • Performance Arts Medicine Program (Aurora BayCare, Green Bay)
  • VO2 Max Assessment