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Inpatient and acute rehabiliation

Inpatient and Acute Rehab

Why choose an Inpatient or Acute Rehabilitation Career with Aurora?

Physical therapists at Aurora Health Care provide acute care and inpatient rehab in hospitals throughout eastern Wisconsin. From our largest facility, Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center in Milwaukee, a tertiary care destination with more than 700 beds, to smaller community-based hospitals, such as Aurora Medical Center in Hartford with fewer than 60 beds, you'll find a setting that's right for you.

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Aurora offers a collaborative multi-discipline environment where physical therapists work in tandem with other professionals, including nurses, social workers, psychologists and physicians, as well as occupational, recreational and speech therapists. You'll also have access to specialists in every area of medicine.

It's a fast paced environment. In acute care, you are working with critically ill patients, helping to restore their function. Our inpatient rehab setting provides opportunities to build relationships with patients while helping them return to a level of function that allows them to return to a community setting.

Physical therapists in our hospitals may rotate through different units getting the chance to observe and work with many specialties and diagnoses. You'll also have opportunities to observe surgeries and interact with psychiatrists and hospitalists.

With Aurora, you'll have the flexibility to move to different therapy settings and find what works best for you. You'll receive support that lets you grow your skills and career.

Model of Care

Model of Care: Team Treatment Approach
A team treatment approach to physical therapy brings together a variety of specialists and resources to meet the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of each patient. This environment combines the talents and expertise of a multidisciplinary team to provide patients the best possible outcomes. Inpatient rehab/acute team members will vary based on a patient's needs. In addition to physical, occupational and speech therapists, this team may include:

  • Physicist – directs rehabilitation program
  • Therapeutic recreation specialist – assists with leisure skills
  • Rehabilitation nurse – reinforces skills learned, assists with discharge planning
  • Social worker – helps find community resources, assists with discharge planning
  • Rehabilitation psychologist – cares for emotional needs, coping assistance
  • Additional professionals, such as chaplains, dietitians, home care coordinators, financial counselors, vocational counselors and support staff provide additional services as needed

Also, a patient's primary/personal physician is welcome to be involved in the treatment process, or will be kept informed of the patient's progress.

The team, along with the patient and family, will develop a treatment plan to meet each patient's unique needs. Family members are an important part of our team and are encouraged to participate in the rehab program.