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Why choose nursing at Aurora?

Shared Governance

There is a fundamental belief that clinical decisions need to be made by a patient's bedside nurses and caregivers. Shared governance allows those caregivers' voices to be heard in matters concerning clinical practice, policies, procedures, and much more. Aurora Health Care's shared governance process is called Aurora System Nursing Alliance, or ASNA for short.

Staff nurses with clinical knowledge and managers with knowledge of resources collaborate to make the best decisions for patient care and the overall work environment. Participation in the Aurora System Nursing Alliance (ASNA) provides an opportunity for all nurses to improve care, teach others, and measure quality. ASNA welcomes all nurses. Participation may simply mean being aware of the structure to supporting colleagues who serve as council members, or to serving firsthand as a council or work group member yourself. The council structure allows nurses throughout Aurora to be connected to each other no matter where they are located.

Leadership Development

Aurora Health Care has a unique nursing leadership structure at the unit level called a dyad, consisting of a manager and a clinical nurse specialist. Nurse managers provide a positive nurturing environment with sufficient resources to support quality patient care. Clinical nurse specialists assist in the transition of nurses to the practice setting, coach nurses in their clinical practice development, manage the clinical practice on the floor, and facilitate formal and informal orientation opportunities.

Clinical Practice and Development Model

Aurora values personal and professional growth for our nurses with established career models that develop a nurse's clinical practice. All Aurora nurses participate in successful completion of an advancement process as a condition of employment.