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Nursing leadership support at Aurora

Here's what a few of our nurse leaders have to say about Aurora Health Care's approach to nursing practice and patient care.

Pamela Yust"Nursing leadership is supportive of shared governance, the method by which bedside nurses, working collaboratively with other nursing leaders, drive patient care forward to improve quality, safety and patient satisfaction in a cost-effective manner."

Pamela Yust, MSN, RN
System President, Aurora System Nursing Alliance

Faye Zwieg"Nursing leadership at Aurora has a proud history of valuing shared governance and understanding that the nurses who are working directly with the patients are the ones best able to make practice decisions, lead the way and design their future. By listening to what the staff values, and ensuring that they have the resources to provide the best evidence-based care possible, leaders help ensure optimal outcomes for patients and their families."

Faye H. Zwieg, RN, BSN, MBA
Vice President & Nurse Executive
Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center

Christine Olson"Nursing leadership at Aurora Health Care is quick to recognize the limits of our knowledge and experience. We rely heavily on the feedback and ideas of nurses who interact with patients on a regular basis. The partnership of these experts enables us to positively impact patient care with best practices that really work."

Chris Olson, RN, MSN
Vice President/Chief Nurse Executive & Chief Administrative Officer
Aurora Medical Center in Kenosha