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Float pool

The Clinical Staffing Services department at Aurora Health Care serves the Greater Milwaukee area. This service offers nurses of all levels an attractive, flexible opportunity to support units during high census and acuity as a member of the "float pool." By coordinating our own internal staffing needs, we can help to maintain our patient-centered approach to care and uphold Aurora's values.

As a member of the float pool:

  • Nurses have the ability to pick their specialty (ambulatory, oncology, medical/surgical/telemetry, women's health and intensive care)
  • Nursing assistants, patient care assistants and health unit coordinators serve all units
  • All have the opportunity to stay at one facility or move throughout market areas
  • Float pool nurses can serve a unit/site with a long-term assignment, if desired
  • Differentials are provided to compensate for complexity of care and the site where the care is provided
  • Consistent quality, expertise and competency expectations are the same as with any other caregiver
  • Continued training and staying up to date are ongoing expectations

Float pool nurses complete the Aurora Development and Advancement Model, and often serve on shared governance teams at individual sites and for the Greater Milwaukee patient service markets. Many caregivers serve on initiatives, such as safe lifting, Cerner and pain expertise. They are often called upon to fill special assignments to meet patient needs.

For information or to speak with a recruiter please call the Aurora Centralized Employment at (414) 389-2600.