Other opportunities

Using your clinical skills

At Aurora Pharmacy, we support and encourage our pharmacists to develop and use their clinical skills in areas of interest. Some of the areas that Aurora Pharmacists are involved in are listed below.

Medication therapy management (MTM)

Pharmacists meet with select patients for up to an hour to discuss their medication therapy and related issues. Pharmacists make recommendations to the patients and/or to their physicians based on therapy evaluation, patient compliance, patient complaints and the medical or financial needs of the patient.


Pharmacists are encouraged to become certified for vaccine administration and Aurora supports this goal by funding the CE leading to certification. Today, many pharmacists are administering flu and pneumococcal vaccines as well as Zostavax® throughout Aurora. We expect to continue expansion of this service.

Power Chart Office

Aurora's electronic medical record gives pharmacists access to patients' medical history, lab results and other pertinent information. It also allows pharmacists more direct communication with physicians and allows the pharmacist to document medication and allergy changes. Power Chart Office is available in many clinic pharmacies and is expected to become available in all pharmacies soon.

Collaborative Practice

As part of an integrated health care provider, Aurora pharmacists are entering into collaborative agreements with local physicians, allowing pharmacists the ability to make drug product selections within certain classes of medications. Collaborative agreements are expected to save time for physicians, pharmacists and patients. This will work hand-in-hand with the Power Chart Office initiative, as it will allow the pharmacist to document actions directly onto the patient's medical profile.

Metabolic screening

Patients with metabolic syndrome are at elevated risk for diabetes and heart disease. Aurora Pharmacy is developing metabolic screenings for our pharmacies. Pharmacists will run cholesterol tests, measure blood pressure and blood glucose. They will then interpret and explain results to the patient and make applicable recommendations both to patients and to their physicians.

Anticoagulation Clinics

Pharmacists have an opportunity to work in anticoagulation clinic at select locations, where they monitor anticoagulation patients and make recommendations for dosage adjustments based on an approved protocol.

Specialty Pharmacy

Aurora Pharmacy is rapidly expanding its services in the growing specialty pharmacy market, focusing on the fields of: Growth Hormone, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Organ Transplant, HIV, and Hepatitis C. Opportunities exist for pharmacists with interest in any of these areas. These pharmacists would receive training and then provide consultations and education directly to patients and to pharmacists in other retail locations.