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videoTen reasons to join Aurora

  1. Not-for-profit
    Aurora Health Care is a not-for-profit organization. Our ultimate aim is to care for patients, not to generate profits.
  2. Managed by pharmacists
    The Aurora pharmacy organization is managed by pharmacy professionals who understand your needs and concerns
  3. Work/life balance
    Our pharmacies promote work/life balance with more manageable work hours and creative scheduling options (like flexible scheduling and weekend programs). Our community pharmacies also have shorter evening and weekend hours than larger chain stores
  4. Varied locations and practice settings
    Aurora pharmacists can choose from a variety of community and hospital practice environments, or change locations, without having to hunt for a new employer or forfeiting seniority/benefits
  5. Greater patient interaction
    Aurora is committed to pioneering better interaction between pharmacists and their patients. This includes:
    • Active involvement in disease state management at the hospital, clinic and community pharmacy levels
    • The use of technicians and the latest in pharmacy technology freeing pharmacists to provide more patient care and professional involvement
    • A management style that encourages maximum time for interaction between a pharmacist and a patient
  6. videoAdvancement
    The opportunity to advance in an organization that has a tradition of respect for the role of the pharmacist
  7. Continuing ed support
    That helps pharmacists participate in continuing education or achieve an advanced pharmacy degree...plus the tuition reimbursement to make it easier
  8. Shared governance
    Pharmacists are empowered to make their own decisions on practice issues through their elected representatives in the Metro Region Pharmacy Practice Council
  9. A reputation for leadership
    The opportunity to be part of an organization that is known for embracing advances in the health care field
  10. Superior rewards
    Association with a health care provider that is known for offering an attractive package of pay and benefits, and makes it a policy to reward longevity with excellent compensation

A better choice. A better career. A better life.